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Nick Rowntree


As Director, Nick instills confidence in decision-making processes. He possesses a deep understanding of the intricacies involved in tackling complex project challenges. Nick systematically dissects various components and efficiently identifies relevant information to craft comprehensive approaches to issue resolution. He prioritizes attention to detail, exhaustively exploring all avenues and possibilities while advocating humbly for the most suitable solutions without bias. Whether for our partners or our own developments, Nick ensures certainty in our decision-making, ultimately minimizing project exposures.

Nick has over 25 years of experience in project management, design, and construction of commercial real estate developments. He began his career as a structural engineer in New York City after graduating with an Architectural Engineering degree from UT Austin. Nick is a licensed Professional Engineer in New York and Texas.  After a decade as an engineer, Nick transitioned into project management and worked worldwide, delivering large-scale projects. He has extensive experience delivering hospitality, high-rise mixed-use, adaptive reuse, and luxury multi-family developments. He has a proven record of successfully navigating environmental regulations, managing zoning cases, overseeing design and preconstruction efforts, and collaborating with financial, legal, and sales and marketing teams.

Nick’s superpower is Time Manipulation. He can efficiently comprehend large amounts of information and complete work swiftly and effectively. He is a sorcerer of time management, resources, and meeting deadlines. 

When he’s not working, Nick can be found golfing, playing tennis, cooking, or spending time with his wife Vesna and sons Vido and Rion.

Nick Rowntree
New Headshots in the works.

“Nick’s strategic planning, meticulous attention to detail, and adept guidance consistently delivers outstanding results. From coordinating the design team to ensuring quality construction, he continues to prove invaluable in navigating complex projects while maintaining timelines and budgets.

- Taylor Hutcherson, Owner

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