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One Development was founded on the inherent belief that collectively, people are exponentially more powerful than the sum of their respective parts. We have a passion for forging strong, concerted relationships and a desire to work with good people to accomplish great things. 


We lead by creating collaborative environments based on one team, one vision, and one goal to support the success of our customers, partners, and projects. Success is when everyone wins.

The company fosters a “lean in” approach to business. We seek to connect with partners who share our values while actively embracing diverse perspectives and ideas. We understand the benefit of creating a single vision and working towards a collective goal by leveraging the individual strengths of our partners. This approach increases accountability and focus, builds enduring relationships, and enhances the experience for everyone who comes in contact with our projects. 

The Driskill

We Believe

The Grove
enhances outcomes
economizes results
The Grove
creates resilience
The Grove
creates sustainability
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